Questions and Help regarding the BIG FISH CHALLENGE


If you are having trouble signing up:

If you are having an issue getting signed up please let us know by either calling us an email at, or you can call us during working hours at 949-366-0030 ext 26. We will be happy to help by walking you through the process, or sign you up.

If you are having trouble submitting your entry:

It is especially important that you get you fish-entry posted on time, as we may not otherwise aware of your issue and the contest has weekly, Thursday deadlines and winners. Therefore It is your responsibility to notify and communicate to us before these deadlines. If you can't for any reason post your catch to the site, immediate send us by email ( ) the picture and catch information. List the weight, where and when it was weighed in and when it was caught, and be sure to include a picture of the fish on the scale with the BFC sign, location and who witnessed, or weighed the fish.Please include a way to contact you in case we need addditional information.


Congrats to all the winners this year, it was and has been a tuff year of fishing locally but despite that we prevailed!! Now, do we need to click our heals together and say rubadubdub in order to receive our prizes?

Does save mean submit?