2019 Big Fish Challenge

Mercury Outboards Presents


Bonito / Barracuda
White Seabass

September 6th 2019

The 2019 MERCURY BIG FISH CHALLENGE is now over, and congratulations to our winners. For 2019 they will each receive the following in cash and prizes. The winners are shown under the LEADERS tab above, along with the 2nd and 3rd largest fish entered.

Our thanks go out to MERCURY OUTBOARDS and to all the BIG FISH CHALLENGE sponsors, and to all the anglers, for making this such a great and affordable event.


2019 Big Fish Challenge Prize List 6/28/20219-9/5/2019
6 Species - Prize packages for each overall winner Approx value
Mercury prize money $500
Penn Fathom Reel $250
Global Fish Mount $750
Penn Carnage II Rods $200
SKB Tackle Bag $140
Lowrance Elite 7 Ti2 $749
Overnight Trips $200
976-Bite membership $150
Yo-Zuri SW Lure Assortment $200
Yo-Zuri Super Braid, (300 yd. spools), 50, 65 & 80lb. $75
Rapala SW Lure Assortment $180
Nomad SW Lure Assortment $180
HI-SEAS Fluorocarbon (Clear & Quattro 20-60lb.) $190
Gamakatsu Hooks $100
Terrafin 1 yr Subscription $100
Engel HD 30 Soft Side Cooler $199
Engel 80 Qt Cooler $300
Fishworks Clothing Set $150
Amadeo Bachar Print $340
QPM $500 Service Certificate $500
Total $5,453


The Big Fish Challenge (BFC) is back again for 2019, with the same low entry fee of $10 per fish category you enter into. You can go “all in” and enter all 6 categories for $40.

Once you enter this summer-long fishing tournament you are eligible to win both weekly tackle pizes, and the grand prize of each catagory you enter. The grand prize winner in each of the 6 catagories will win $500 in cash and approximately $5,000 in cash, fishing tackle, fishing trips and other outdoor gear.

For 2019 we again will have the Bonito / Barracuda Division. These two species  open things up for many more inshore anglers, kayaks, and local sport fishing landing boats, in what many are predicting to be a cooler water year.

To enter the Big Fish Challenge go the the ENTER tab on the user menu above and select the species which you want to enter. The cost is $10 per fish, or you can go "All IN" for all 6 species for $40. Go through the shopping cart, entering your email address, log-in and password, use a credit card to pay and you are in. Each entrant needs to go through this process. REMEMBER YOUR LOGIN and PASSWORD as you will need it to submit your catch.

The contest covers ten full weeks, with weekly winners and overall winner for the biggest fish in each group. Sign-up can be done by clicking the enter tab at the top of the sceen.