The WON Big Fish Challenge


The Big Fish Challenge has just 2 weeks to go, but there are still some great  opportunities in many of the 6 fish species available to win one of the six grand prizes. The grand prizes include $500 in cash and over $4,500 in prizes. It is certainly not too late to enter and get it done. All this for only $10 per species, or $40 to be ALL-IN .

Some of the categories are being won and are lead with relatively small weights, so remember to weigh in your catch and submit it, because it may be  weekly winner. It may even win overall, so start turning in your catches !

The leaders can be seen under the RESULTS tab at the top of each page. The are shown by fish species, with the largest fish in each catagory shown at the top. The tabs showing each week display only the cathes and winners for each week.




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A good question was asked about a recent fish submission and that the angler user id did not ( apparantly) match the name of the angler as shown on the weigh board. In looking into it that is not what happened. The angler associated with that user name was indeed the same as the angler who caught the fish. Users can create any user name they wish when they sign up. He was signed up on 7/31/2016. We also heard from the boat directly and the angler who submitted the catches indeed caught the fish, which was not questioned, but is something which came up in a discussion with the boat staff earlier this week.  

I noticed that we have the option to call or e-mail you guys for questions or concerns...I searched the whole site for a contact e-mail or phone # that we can call to ask questions, I didn't find any. Please provide contact information. 

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The best way to ask a question is right here. We prefer to have things out in the open, especially if it is a complaint regarding the tournament. The question or complaint, and our response will then be posted so that others can see it. If it is something not directly related to the rules or conduct of the tournament you can email If you want to discuss something by phone leave your name and phone number in your email message, and we will try to get back to you.

Trying to upload a photo of my 257 bluefin caught on the 29th and weighted in at Dana landing. Pat said I needed to upload a photo, but I do not see where that is done on this website. Please help me shed some light on this issue.  -Thanks 

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What a fish !

Regarding the photo it needs to go up with the original report. We do not want users to simply be able to upload pictures, change weights, dates, etc. after they have been entered. When mistakes happen the entry can be re-posted and noted as such in the text area box, or they can do as you did and call or email us. We will do whatever it takes to get things right.

In your case it was caught in the new week just starting, so we put up the image today, and your report was already up. It is the leading fish of week 6, and of the tuna division overall, and it's obviously set a high bar for everyone else.

A catch goes into the week it was reported and posted to the website and not the date it was caught. Anglers have 4 days to report  catch. So it's obviously smart to look at the website and think things through before posting a catch report.  For instance, if you catch you fish on a Thursday it might be smart to look if you are already beat that week and send it in the following day ( or before day 4 ends ) and hope it holds up the next week. If you catch it early in a tournament week you just post it up as it makes no difference.  Checking the leaders of the current week and overall is a good thing to do before you go out, as often it doesn't take a huge fish to win a given week.

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That other yellowtail wasn't there this morning?  Is that a legit entry so late?gabe

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Hi Gabe


The weekly prizes are mailed out each week. Week #2 finished at midnight last night, and the prizes are being mailed today.

If you double click on the other fish image it will enlarge and show a little more detail. One of the top lines shows the user name and the time stamp from our server telling who logged in and the time the report was submitted to the server. We certainly didn't post a late entry, we don't have any reason to do so, or do we know him. Everything seems perfectly in line.

If you do look at the report by douple clicking on the fish image, you can see it was reeived on our server at July 7, 2016 at 22 hours:46 minutes (10:46 PM ) and it would have been visible  on our website on about that same time. You can see that the picture was taken in the evening at 22nd Street Landing. Everything seems to indicate that he caught it yesterday on the Thunderbird, weighed it in after dark and got home and entered it one hour and 15 minutes before the cut-off.

There are still 2 months to go in the Big Fish Challenge, and this week yellowtail are the AVET weekly bonus fish, which means that weekly winner will win an AVET reel.  So go get a bigger one this week and you will also win the AVET reel, and this time remember to not bleed and gut the fish ! If not for that you would have won last week regardless.


Personally, I bleed all my fish regardless of tournament consequences. The only thing that not bleeding guarantees you is that the fish will, at best, not be at it's best. It is a shame to waste good fish to try to eek out a few more ounces.

Personaly,I bleed all my fish.I'm a canner. And would not like to see fish go to waste.GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Just weighed fish in for week five went to week four. What up?

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Hello, Looks like a won the yellowtail division for Week #2.  When and how do I claim the prizes?Gabe

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It's now on the upper right of the home page.

how do i do so? switch person? 

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Hello, Where can i find the list of approved weigh in stations?  Does catalina have one?Also...I think there is a typo on website.  It says $4 instead of $40 for the whole contest. Gabe

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The official weigh stations are now listed in the Rules, and will also be discussed in a soon to be added FAQ's tab.